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The Node Icebox is a mixed technology cold wallet, designed for long term, offline storage of cryptocurrencies.

The device is encased inside a hard plastic shell, normally used for storing 1oz silver bars, and it’s intentionally designed to look fairly inconspicuous.
The idea is to backup your public and private keys in various ways, to increase longevity and usefulness. The 3 methods included are: NFC, Micro SD and Paper.

It contains:
– Front and back custom PCB (0.6mm thickness)
– 1oz silver bar capsule
– 2x M24SR16-YDW6T/2 2KB NFC Chips
– 6mm Sticker Dots
– 5x5x1.5mm Momentary Switches (SMD)
– 1x1inch Ziplock Bag
– 3D Printed Frame

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