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This is a rare variant of Lealana’s 0.1 BTC Quater Oz Silver coin.

Black address coins were never meant to be sold unfunded and lasered on hologram “buyer funded”, however a small number were.

Some background:

Lealana started making coins in 2013. All initial coins had Black first bits addresses visible under the hologram through the coin address window. All coins were sold funded, meaning loaded with either Bitcoin or Litecoin, by the manufacturer.

As of the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, Lealana stopped selling loaded coins due to government regulations, just as Casascius did. (they were accused of selling digital currency, which all currency sales would mean a business would have to be classified as a “money services” business, therefore subject to special licensing and highly scrutinized reporting practices. Even Casascius determined and decided not worth the effort or the risk. )

They started selling only “buyer Funded” coins, in which the coin has the words “BUYER FUNDED” laser engraved on the hologram by the manufacturer. Green first bits addresses were created to be visible under the hologram through the coin address window, since only “buyer funded” coins were to be made to sell. These were designed to be assembled securely by Lealana (not a kit format) and for the end collector to fund the coin address themselves if desired. (like an empty piggybank.) All buyer funded coins were to be sold only marked “buyer funded” to differentiate.

Learn more about Lealana coins here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1238485.0

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