Bitcoin Suisse – Crypto Certificates – Series II – BCH Generic #00414

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Serial #BTCS BCH 00414

Total Mintage: 114

Similar to the original 2014 series, the certificates are high quality ‘paper wallets’ complete with key pairs, and thus not IOU’s or a claim against any 3rd party. They are thus what is called ‘physical bitcoin’ which is a wallet, where the private key is hidden until accessed, and where accessing it leaves clear visible traces on the wallet, a concept first mass produced by Casascius / Mike Caldwell in his famous series of various coins issued between 2009 and 2013 (and by us since 2014). This makes them usable for being passed between 3rd parties, but does naturally also introduce the problem of ‘3rd party generated keys’.

Unlike the original version, the Series II covers several crypto-assets in multiple denominations. It is produced in a banknote quality, contains great number of security features and involve Swiss notaries on the auditing side of the generation, handling and destruction of the private keys, ensuring that each certificate contains the ONLY version of the private key associated with it.

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